Hot Tub Repairs & Service

If your Hot Tub isn’t working then we can help…

We repair and service any make or model of Spa and Hot Tub. With over 25 years of experience repairing Hot Tub and Spas, there is almost no problem we haven’t seen before.

Our technicians are highly experienced and dedicated to getting your Hot Tub or Spa back in use as quickly as possible.

Regular maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure you and your family get the best results from your Hot Tub. You should consider servicing your Hot Tub once a year to keep it in top condition.

Keep your Spa ship-shape and Bristol fashion…

Service includes:

• Remove all access panels
• Check reflective thermal barrier and repair if damaged
• Remove debris from the inside of the Spa cabinet
• Remove and clean all removable jets
• Inspect plumbing for leaks and report, repair if requested by customer
• Replace ‘O’ rings if they are over 3 years old
• Check low level programme
• Check themostats are correctly fitted
• Grease any moving parts
• Grease cover caddy (if fitted)
• Check wiring for any damage – rewire where necessary
• Check electrical connections
• Check earthing is securely bonded
• Check water quality with tester strips
• Test amperage on pumps and heater
• Check filter assembly
• Inspect plumbing for leaks
• Check ozonator for performance
• Check wiring for damage


Small Spas: £140
Large Spas: £170