Spa and Hot Tub Spares

We stock a huge range of original Hot Tub & Spa parts and spares for almost any make or model. If we do not have it in stock, we are able to order parts direct from the factory.

Pumps (New & reconditioned)

All the top brands in there various specification, we need to know if it is 1 or 2 speed, the manufacture and model number, alternatively let us know the spa manufacturer, the model and its age.

If it is possible your pump can be re-conditioned. you will need to send it back to us or we can arrange collection. The pump should be packed and protected to avoid any transit damage. When we receive the pump we will assess it and let you know if it is economically repairable. A £20 assessment charge will be made which will be off-set against any repair that we undertake for you.



There are numerous different filters available, if you are unsure which one you need and can’t find the reference number, let us know the dimensions (length x width), centre hole diameter and whether or not it has a threaded end. Alternatively provide your spa name, model and age – Please see diagram.




Covers do not last forever and do get heavy with age. To replace your spa cover we will need to know the name, model, and colour. Delivery is normally within 3/4 weeks. It is worth considering a floating cover to sit on the water under the cover which considerably extends the life of your new cover.


Air Blower

Single or Twin Speed



2.0 – 6.0 kw


Printed Circuit Boards

For control pack


Spa Side Control

This is the push button control that sends messages to the control pack for the functions of the spa, i.e. Turn pump on, set temperature, set programme etc.


Pressure Switch

This monitors the flow of water over the heater and allows the heater to be activated when the water is flowing.


Lighting System

Cear bulbs or LED bulbs, all are easily replaceable.



Fitted to spa – ideally send us the type you need to
replace or give us the model type of spa and age,
plus a photograph of the jet.



We can supply fuses for any make or model.



We can supply you with spa thermostats and thermostat control.


…and much more – please email us for more information at